How to Associate With Those Who Live Vision
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How to Associate With Those Who Live Vision

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The source and our path to becoming effective visionary is to connect with the Internet and its visionaries. There is nothing more frustrating than meeting people again and again without seeing the solid evidence of established vision. Many years ago, I was part of an organization that gave its staff great ideas for a better future. People are leaving their homes and communities and dragging them into the church because of what they have heard. Years later, people left frustrated and discouraged by the lack of convincing evidence that the vision was being fulfilled.

This is an A-Z look and the main part of building a vision team.

a) Always have a significant amount of material to celebrate in public

b) Make sure the big picture is small around

c) Organize all activities in a balanced way

d) Make sure everyone understands

e) Describe the trip in front of your team and where everyone can see it

f) Start at the end with an eye and focus on the first step

g) Communicate at a level that people will understand

h) Have monthly progress reports with managers and people

i) Do not look for excuses for failure, finding faults does not bring much

j) Share with newcomers who have accomplished a useful process and share your vision

k) Visit newcomers who are willing to criticize your plans

l) Do not terminate your employees or equipment on time

m) Do not fight on more than one side at a time (focus on your strategy)

n) Encourage your friend and build a culture where energy is king

o) When you add new opportunities and visions, close the inactive space

p) Make your property a priority

q) Never forget about your great “people” wealth. Loss of reward reward

r) train others to exceed your limits.
s) Share your life but don’t give it away. Government is always the solution

t) Be flexible and prepared

u) Do not build traditional success. What worked last year may not work this way

v) Accept the change and make it your partner

w) Ensure that individuals have the same values ​​as you

x) Describe the culture you want to cultivate in your vision and teach it from the beginning

y) Have frequent day tours, clarity, purpose and planning

z) Take time to celebrate your success, record them and appreciate that you are alive

“Many men are failing because of their lack of persistence in developing new strategies to replace those who fail.” -Napoleon Hill

“Winning is not the worst failure. Not trying is the real failure.” – George E. Bay of the jungle

Delivery (team) arrested

The word transfer has a meaning. We can define such a word by using words like “I got it from my age in Europe” or “I have been with you for so long that I feel like you”.

Transmission is the receipt of material from a third party due to exposure to a person, environment, or organization. Defining the culture you want to convey to your employees is a key task of a new leader. The culture of success does not work where there is a culture of music at work. Concepts stem from a natural culture and acceptance of failure or failure. A friend of mine is a professional singer and songwriter. On his last CD, there were a lot of surprises. I called him from around the world to praise him with his new album. I remember telling him “There is no such thing as a bad song on this album”. His response was, “Yes, but I wrote some bad things in a series that did not happen in the album.” It is a tradition that welcomes those who are unworthy of progress. Many people will stop at a distance by all their might because their current capacity is limited. We need to create a culture of openness, which allows us to accept the present but move on to a better future.

Revelation (prayer, meditation, conversation) is required

The culture we create is an environment that prevents or expands us. We all need the Holy Ghost in our life journey as well as to consider what can be of the best kind. The revelation can be described as “fire burning in”, “fire of intelligence”, “feeling of effortless effort”, “it makes sense”. We can reduce the power of revelation through the process of confirmation or disbelief. We live in a world where people are supposed to wake up, and it still amazes me that people think they have all the answers. If we have all the answers, why do we have all the problems? It has been said, “Nothing was invented, only research”. Of course, this is true, but the research takes place in many ways.

a) Through effort

b) By engaging in the actions or ideas of others

c) By the revelation of what may be

We have created a culture that seeks to weaken the spirit. Franchises, brands, copyrights, and benefits are intended to prevent the development of ideas. Of course, plagiarism is now widespread with the advent of the internet. I removed the eBook from my site four months ago using an installed tracking code that lets me know when to open and edit the report. So far, it has been edited more than a thousand times and appeared under a different name for its sale on other eBooks on several sites. What is my opinion? Today, many people find it difficult to use their intellect or creativity because it is easier to accept someone else’s ideas and make changes. The problem with this kind of culture is that it pursues people and the freedom that is in revelation and intelligence is lost by following the big ideas that the masses produce.

I recently went to a chain of fast food restaurants around the world for lunch. The operator asked me if I needed fries in my order and found out that what I had given was fries!

The graduate in science asked, “Why does it work? “A graduate and an engineering degree asked:” How does it work? “A graduate in a financial institution asks, ‘How much will it cost? A liberal art graduate asks, “Do you want fries with that?” “-Non

Prayer is the way to open your mind to the greater potential. “Adults don’t think the same way” big minds think! Prayer focused on the larger picture. It takes away our money and worries and the shadow and takes the opportunity of what may be our replacement of our feelings of love.

The word meditation has the same root root as rumine. A four-year-old cow and a deer are the process of breaking the rumor mill. After digestion, food is processed from one year to the next. The purpose of this is to break down potentially harmful acids and give the animal the greatest benefit in its diet.

If we spend a little time breaking our thoughts, ideas and revelations, we will have a greater sense of purpose and a

clearer vision.

“I could not do what I did without the quality of time, order and diligence, without the determination to focus on one topic at a time.” – Charles Dickens “The big minds talk about ideas. The middle minds talk about events. The big minds talk about people.” “Whenever you find yourself on the sidelines, it’s time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain Medium is average in acceptance too. The mind above is open to new ways of thinking. Most people have a positive view of life. The above-average mindset opens up opportunities for improvement. It has been said that the hardest thing to open is the closed mind. Education is a big investment (reading, listening, training and coaching)

“Self-knowledge is the mother of all knowledge. So I need to get to know myself, to get to know him better, to know his insights, his personality, his tricks and his atom. ”-Kahlil Gibran, Philosophy of Logic

“Know yourself then, do not think that God examines things, the correct study of man is man.”

-Alexander Pope, “Articles about man”

“Life without tests is worthless.” -Socrates

“Give a person fish, he will eat one day, teach a person to fish, and he will eat all his life.” – Chinese proverbs

Education is not a panacea of ​​life, but an excellent basis for preparation. I have seen many people with better education, but I found the same thing in the process. Education prepares us for life, but it never begins. The list of unemployed assures us. I love the line Harrison Ford shares with the Mosquito Coast movie. “I left Harvard to study.”
Understanding a subject does not make us competent. I had many qualifications that made me aware but that did not make me alive. The reason is unemployment. “There is nothing in this world that can replace perseverance. Talent will not do it; nothing usually

only those with skills fail. Genius will not do it; unpaid intelligence is almost a parable. Education will not do it; the world is full of educated ruins. Stability and determination are everything. The words you plant have always solved and solved the problems of the human race. “- Calvin Coolidge

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are delicious.” – Aristotle

“Education is a path from darkness to light.” – Allan Bloom

“The foundation of every state is its youth education. -Diogen

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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