What happened with the Muslim Majority of Spain and Portugal?
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What happened with the Muslim Majority of Spain and Portugal? |DTYU7

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26 thoughts on “What happened with the Muslim Majority of Spain and Portugal? |DTYU7

  1. Nabi paak Muhammad saw discovered science of marring 6 year old child's in the age of 54,
    Science of marriage to his own son's wife,
    Science of hatred, terrorism, voilance, rape, murder, slavery, camer urine drinking science etc etc was also discovered by RasoolAllah
    SubhaanAllah MashahAllah

  2. Quite revealing , thanks. Were the coloured Catholics that resulted from converted moors exported to the West Indies when Columbus set sail? Any research in that direction? Can genetics and genealogy shed light in this direction?

  3. Sometimes I wish , if the Khalifs of muslim world had wiped out all non muslims from the world then all muslims would have lived under peace and harmony . But the Khalifs are too great to do these kind of heinous acts . If a dog bites at your leg and you bite the dog back , then what is the difference between a dog and a man ???? if a man does bad , in return if you do bad , what is the difference between you and that man ??? The best man is he who does good even to his enemy .

  4. Lolllll i laugh so hard to the fact that the kingdoms back then used to ask muslims for their books and burn it? Dude many muslims memorize their 30 chapters word by word 😀 They hardly have to go down the street to find the person who remember it all!

  5. What a load of crap!!

    As Islam invaded more and more countries, people embraced it ???

    Whoever made this video should do their research.
    People only “embraced” Islam with 2 choices,
    1) keep your original faith but you’ll have to pay the jizya,(protection tax so that a Muslim won’t be able to kill u)
    Then u become a second class citizen known as ‘dhimmi’… requiring you to pay the imam the jizya every Friday n offer it on your knees.
    2) convert or be beheaded.

    Embraced my ass!
    So the entire world decided to just embrace Islam did they?

    Now about spain…
    People openly embraced Islam ??

    The Moors, who at first adopted a policy of religious tolerance when they conquered Spain, later introduced laws that forced Christians and Jews to convert to Islam. Then, after Christians had achieved key victories over the Moors, they expelled all Jews and Muslims who would not convert to their religion.

    Funny how the video says “no tolerance” after the Spanish took back their country..

    I’m so over clueless history videos who omit the truth.

    Suddenly the Christians were persecuting the Muslims in spain???
    By forcibly converting them??
    Oh boohoo …. Karma!

    On January 2, 1492, King Boabdil surrendered Granada to the Spanish forces, and in 1502 the Spanish crown ordered all Muslims forcibly converted to Christianity.

    The irony is that even after Spain took back took back their country , Muslim communities still existed and still do to this day…
    There’s even a mosque in Granada..

    Kind of contradicts this videos version of total persecution..
    But let’s see,

    Countries like Saudi Arabia expelled all Jews and Christians with Mohammed’s orders.
    Egypt, once a coptic country was forced into Islamic conversion.
    India once a Hindu countries fought for hundreds of years against the invading Muslim moghuls.
    African countries, forcibly conversed to Islam…allowing the Arabs to continue their slave trade …
    Saudi Arabia being there last country to abolish slavery (in theory), because of world condemnation.

    Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo etc invaded by Islamic conquests, forced into submission…

    But hey… let’s distort the facts about the poor moors in spain because Islamic apologists can’t handle the true
    History of their barbarity .

  6. Allah will continue to protect Islam until the Day of Judgment Islam may be extinguished in a country but there will always be a fertile country Islam died in Andalusia and Indonesia has become the successor most beautiful country in the world formed from thousands of islands

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