The Differences Between POLAND and SWEDEN
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The Differences Between POLAND and SWEDEN |DTYU7

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44 thoughts on “The Differences Between POLAND and SWEDEN |DTYU7

  1. For instance, Belgium and Netherlands also declared neutrality, but Germany didn't care. Sweden was just lucky that Germans didn't want to invade them, like Denmark and Norway.

    12:12 – it is Chopin, not Chaplin!

  2. Similarity: Both have a long and violent history with Russia, both have taken Mosocw and come close to get one of their princes set as Tsar of Russia (very few countries have done either). And they are the two countries EU assigned to handle the Union's eastward expansion, something at least Russia is likley to consider is making a point.

  3. Old forest are in East . We choice gaverment election are every 4 year president election are every 5 year . Christmas meal have 12 meals not only one soup in my family we have 3 soups + 9 other meals .

  4. As a sidenote! … the euro currecy has been AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER for many ecomies within the EU, like Italy or Spain (or GREECE!). BESIDES – generations of Poles fought and died BY THE MILLIONS for their country's freedom – they have a very strong feeling about their freedom to make an individual monetary (therefore also financial) – politic – they are not going to turn that right over to a bunch of beaurocrats in Bruxelles (…LEFTIST beaurocrats none the less).

  5. You forget some one important..

    One of the biggest Queen in Sweden.! Is from Poland and she is Polish..

    Sister of Polish King,married a Sweden King..

    Mother of all the Sweden people is a Polish women so…

    Her son was be a King of this Country when his father die..

    Hmm i think we can says.! this is a second Poland

    but we have one big diffrent..

    just you have a half Polish soul, next 50% hmm you know ;D

    best whises from your another side..! 😈

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  7. I am a citizen of both Canada and Italy Poland has been an example of Great politics Stand up for your people your culture citizenship should be determined on heritage and is not a birthright . And as an openly gay conservative I can see this

  8. Like your vids man, The Midsummer day in Poland is a big thing too , it s called NOC SWIETOJANSKA or NOC Kulapa or NOC Kupaly.. it s a pagan celebration!!!

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