THE COLLAPSING SWEDISH CROWN: Whats going on in Sweden?
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THE COLLAPSING SWEDISH CROWN: Whats going on in Sweden? |DTYU7

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Since 2014 the currency of Sweden – The Crown – has lost 40% of its value compared to the US dollar, and it has lost over 22% of its value to the Euro. Today … .


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39 thoughts on “THE COLLAPSING SWEDISH CROWN: Whats going on in Sweden? |DTYU7

  1. It's completely insane .. and even when I'm speaking to the brightest minds from Sweden they are oblivious about their own situation.. Eg: all the violence, shootings and robberies in Malmø are answered by "Yeah well, but they only do it to other gang members" – except when they dont.

  2. Where is the crash? This was supposed to have happened in the 1980s as I recall. The USA spends Billions of dollars and just prints more. We should have had a crash years ago. I do not get it and hope I never see it like 1929.

  3. Henriks economic takes are just perfect for learning economics if you fact check what he says and look for evidence.

    For example the value isnt out of ordinary relative to the dollar or euro in a broader historical perspective and it rebounds like normal, hitting a 10% value increase in 2020. If only Henrik maybe had little bit more insight then his animation and design job gives him he would maybe have read up on Swedish economic policy more . Also the Krona have been swinging between 6-11 for the USD for some time, can we please all agree that a 40% shift is not a shock.

  4. Man, you live in the crypto colony of the English royal family.

    Shekels, shekels!
    YOU LIVE IN A CAMP, where projects are tested. Then this shit is thrown off to other countries :))))
    Multi-story houses; cannibals workers; Sharia zones; sexual revolution; LGBT 5 g; eco-terrorism; refusal of diesel and gasoline; counters; GMOs and poisoned foods; vegan terror; juvenile justice (fascist removal of children), etc.
    You are thinking ABOUT NONSENSE. You live on a test site, and think about how you can manage. YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD. Even your freemasons and aristocrats. TURN WHERE NECESSARY.
    In general, as an economist, I advise you to build a BRICK house (small to make it easier to heat) with a picket fence. Fuck 2-3 women, start a bunch of children. Invest in goats, cows and turkeys and so on. Shotguns, machine guns, cartridges. Actually, there would be to survive, and not think about some kind of virtual shekels:

  5. Soros betrayed Sweden with the promise of cheap immigrant labor knowing it would fail to prop up an unsustainable, weakening welfare state economy so that he could safely short the currency into oblivion while making billions in the process as he has done so often in other countries. It is his m.o. He is a menace. The solution is very unpleasant for all except him. Canada beware, it may soon be coming to you.

  6. Found you on Rubin, subscribed.

    One thing that really makes it difficult to judge the absolute health of a currency/economy these days is the extent we are tied together. Markets give us an idea of the relative health of a particular currency within the global market but not the absolute health.

    Not an economist, just making up the terms to describe our predicament from my perspective.

  7. Exchangin democratically voted governmental rule with privatized non-elected rule, would essentially just be oligarchic socialism for the rich, in which America is a strong example of opposite problems compared to Sweden – high GDB, but on nearly all metrics of national well-being, America competes with developing nations. This is due to this neo-liberal ideology, of which one of the more problematic parts are the trickle-down economic model, which is in a big role in why the American businesses are able to hold the government in their tight grip and why America is essentially an oligarchy or plutocracy these days. In this light, giving political power or over extensive freedom to effect policy making on a national or multinational scale and too relaxed financial and anti-corruption laws will end up with the private sector becoming the oppressing force against the common good, siphoning more wealth from the honest workers that helped them build up that wealth in the first place. Thus, Neo-Liberalism and modern libertarianism sounds more like Neo-Feudalism in disguise, than an actual solution to the economic woes of the world.

    I would dare to argue, that be it liberal or libertarian goal to free the people from any form of oppression, securing and strengthening democracy is the only way, as that is currently the only way to limit the power of sociopathic and psychopatic individuals, e.g. rulers, CEOs, or leaders in general. This would ironically mean that Carl Marx, with his democratisation of the workplace (NOT through government ownership of the means of produçtion, but by workers directly owning part of their workplace just lke shareholders today), would make him more liberal or even libertarian in the actual intention of his theory of economics, than what libertarians or liberals would like to admit. The blind belief in pure capitalism is as much of a utopian fantasy as thinking that oppressive dictatorial rule of any kind could bring an ever lasting piece and order (including but not limited to stability and ensurance of employment with a living wage for the people) to the world.

    If people can't organize together, are unable to learn from the past mistakes, unable to find common ground on their beliefs (as no matter how many different beliefs people have about any issue, the core tenets of the intentions of their beliefs overlap much more often even with many seemingly opposing beliefs, whe looking at the reasoning behind the beliefs, just like the intentions behind liberal and libertarian ideologies overlap with some Marxist ideas, despite being ignored or outright denounced by the representatives of both camps) in order to try to find the optimal solutions for the common good, we, the humankind as a collective, are doomed to repeat the same failures again and again. Thus, only through cultivating and developing democratic values in every civilian aspect of the society, we can eventually prosper as a society. We must grow as a species, if we truly wish to build a better world and the only way we can do that, is by reflection through each other and cultivating a mindset of co-operation. Hence we, the people of the world, must learn to become more democratic than we currently are.

  8. I would joke about "the definition of insanity" or "history repeaing itself" but at this point its not even funny anymore , how many more times different people must repeat same mistake over and over agian .

  9. I think aging population is the biggest problem when it comes to welfare state and guess what? Leftie liberals are all up in arms about abortion, career is more important than children and so on. In the end they will just starve themselves out with a thought process like that because most immigrant families have no problems when it comes to having kids.
    Im probably sounding ''islamophobe'' here for most left wing liberals but as some unnamed imam was preaching…''we will bring them fertility''. And thats exactly what is going to happen within next couple of decades. Ethnic swedes will become minority in their own country.

  10. The immigration hoax was itself a deliberate act of social engineering, as well as biological engineering…in fact, the Swedish government came right out and stated that this was so in the infamous "Welcome to the New Sweden" video…and you are still claiming that immigration was not a major factor in this economic looming catastrophe? And worse, that the ramifications of it for Swedish culture and identity are not on the verge of an even worse catastrophe that economics alone will be unable to stop? Are you kidding???

  11. It means the workboss must reduce salory and in turn also workers must have reduced salory to fill the rest of new workforce as the welfare system builds on supporting unemployd, which in turns mean that taxes being raised is actualy a system to pass on a salory reduction directly controlled by the government. Private companies no longer can control their salories as the administration of government controls it at the high end pyramid by the system of taxes. This means if the immigrants actualy work and dont live on welfare tax there is a winning marginal.. except the constant influx of immigrants increases the recieving input over the individual giving input. This also means the welfare benefit itself must be reduced, which means people need to save more than spend which has been one of Swedens hot topic for years since the Reinfeldt administration.

    The bigger problem that the government doesnt understand aswell is that families duplicate, which means children will enter welfaresystems; the increasing catalyst factors in this is parental, child, education and job employment + not to mention housing when child becomes adult increases the dependance stretch of the whole "socialist welfare scheme". You litteraly cant take in beggars to a nation because they are fugitives in their country even if they are useful or not, it must happen naturally by choise to increase chances of gaining a dedicated worker.

    This in turn causes the system to become either corrupt for neglecting the faulty catalyst or unable to sadisfy it in control by administrated AD-HOC solutions, such as increasing retirement welfare benefits temporarily (which has been the topic too as we younger generation gain less per year) while at the cost of it the same time other more important sectors are being reduced to suppliment the increase such as salory for education and healthcare in both individual salory and resource economical pools for equipment and employment for those sectors. The AD-HOC paradox is that you then move the problem over from pensions to the supply and demand sector for the education, security and healthcare (which is one of the most important factors to run a sucssesful humanist democratic country) … and at the same time unexpected outside privatised resources such as traffic communication prices such as buss traffic fee (which took place last year) increase as same as unexpected prices in the free economical market such as daily needs of groceries as an example and companies of products having random price increases secretly to gain sales on events such as black friday or any other sales event.

    The government is playing a very dangerous and unstable game to try to control the influx of immigration beleiving they are in control by administration which clearly the government is not as there are just so many independent unforeseeable factors.

  12. I bet the Swedish aristocracy love the fact all the Swedish citizens are disarmed and can never demand change or get revenge when pushed to far and their ancestral home is going down in flames all while they become a minority in their own homeland. This is why as an American I call for liberty or death, I'd rather be dead then a disarmed sheep.

  13. I got here from The Rubin Report aswell as many others and just wanted to say as a Swede i really appriciate what you are doing. The things you discussed really lit a spark in me and i cant't wait to learn more. It saddens me that we don't have more platforms that are easily accessible like this and The Rubin Report, for Swedish people who hungers to know what really is going on like myself. Thank you for speaking the truth in our country of silence!

  14. Instead of sharing you emotions, how about you read up on the cost-benefit of immigration? Yes, It adds a cost in a short perspective, but is essential for a growing economy.
    How do you think the U.S. became the worlds leading economy? Hint, they had the largest immigration of any country for a few decades, and still have a one of the largest!

  15. The official English name is Swedish Krona, not Crown. You should never translate currencies or names. For example, it’s stupid for someone named Bergström to introduce themselves as mountain-current when visiting England. For the same reason it’s stupid to say Crown.

  16. Capitalism goes to monopole .. Its a natural enviroment of finances .. If you consider countries as each individual companies … than you see …
    Its like ( im setin your home on fire and come back with a bucket of water & hope from you to say thank you so much )

  17. Alright I'll subscribe. Good work. I would mention there is a large difference between free market economy and free market capitalism, capitalism which seemingly ends by becoming a fascist economy.

  18. Hi Henrik, thanks for the informative video. As a foreigner working in Sweden I am still left wondering if this is the bottom for the strength of the Krona, or whether I should trade my salary into a safer asset!

    I have a question about your causal point between currency strength and Generous welfare spending. If this is one of the big factors behind the diminishing krona, why is there such a low Debt to GDP ratio in Sweden? Surely, if the debt is low relative to this number, there will be room for much more spending before currency devaluation. Consider the US government for example now above 100% debt to gdp. They’ve got no choice from now in terms of government spending to debase their currency to make the debt less manageable. Looking forward to your input!

  19. Sweden is not to blame alone for unemployment among immigrants, dont forget the cultures where the woman are not supposed to work. In a dream scenario where all these men are employed they still cap at a 50% employment rate.

  20. Hi Henrik. What you said about the Central Bank having to do "quantitative easing" to regulate currency is simply not true. That's only for CBs which are close to zero percent interest rate and are afraid to raise it. There's a plethora of options for CBs under normal circumstances. You did not say that, so I guess you simply did not know.

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