6 Reasons Sweden is BETTER than America!
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6 Reasons Sweden is BETTER than America! |DTYU7

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sweden #sverige #swedishculture Julia shares six reasons why Sweden is better than America. She highlights some of the differences in Swedish culture and … .


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29 thoughts on “6 Reasons Sweden is BETTER than America! |DTYU7

  1. The reason Swedes (or Scandinavians as a whole) find the over-exaggerated hospitality in the US stores and restaurants irritating is because of how we are. We are quite reserved and are not used to people coming up to us and being overly friendly. It's ok to ask if we need help, but then leave it there. I guess it's a clash between the two specific cultures.

  2. As a Canadian living in America, I would have to say the gun violence is far more indicative of the pharmaceutical culture than it is the 2A/handgun culture. Also, I agree with the USA banking I have been here for 12 years and I have never gotten used to the antiquity of banking here. I wonder if it is because there is 350 million people to service and so many banking franchises…

  3. Randomly came across this. How did she say that America had “ too nice of servers and hospitality” and then #3 say tipping is horrible because she wouldn’t tip for horrible service… when she said service for #2 was that they were TOO nice… 🤦‍♂️

  4. I totally agree about the fakeness in hospitality and tipping too. It is ridiculous that you are expected to be so kind to people you do not know or might not want to know, and if tips were truly a reward or honor, it might mean better service. I am American, and I am so glad that it was brought up.

  5. US service culture is not sincere its driven by need to get a decent salary. It's fake…visitors to US notice this. Also tipping culture reminds me of Americas slavery history…it's a kind of slavey by stealth.

  6. Jag har en fråga jag vill inte vara dum men varför skriver ni på svenska men pratar engelska för då kommer det mest bara svenskar för om det står på ett språk jag inte kan så klickar inte jag in

  7. LMAO when you got overwhelmed by the employees yelling “hello welcome to forever 21” that reminded me of when I used to work at Whataburger, a fast food chain, in High school. If we didn’t yell “hello welcome to whataburger” every time a customer came in, we would get yelled at by the managers because one time I didn’t say it since like two coworkers already did, and my manager came up to me and said “you see how they said it and you didn’t? You need to speak up”. So one time these customers were coming in and me, among three other employees, said really loudly “HELLO WELCOME TO WHATABURGER” to avoid trouble with the manager and the customers got so irritated and scared they jumped back and went “jesus” 🤷‍♂️💀💀💀💀💀

  8. I agree with her on everything about how bad the US is I am a person with a disability and also mental health problems and learning disabilities I had a chance to go to college but I couldn’t afford it and I couldn’t get government assistance for it as well because my parents made too much money and I find that kind of a palling if I had a chance to move to Sweden tomorrow I would I would in a heartbeat and renounce my citizenship here in the US

  9. No I agree with her on tipping; tipping in America is horrible. Studies have shown countless times that the tip doesn’t encourage better service and your essentially forced to give 15-20 percent no matter how bad the service was.

  10. Ok first off. This is a person from America that hates what we have at birth. Second, guns don't kill people, people kill people with guns. Just because someone kills someone with a gun doesn't mean we as americans should ban them. I mean we have a problem with car accidents, should we ban those too? Other country's should talk shit about other country's if they don't know why things are the way they are or if they know there history. This video is a great reputation of an American that doesn't know there history. But hey, most Americans don't know there history. Sad but true.

  11. I agree with her on the pushy sales people. Just be there if I need to ask a question or find something, but don't make my shopping last longer than it needs to so you look good to your boss lol Also, we need to pay our servers a living wage. Tips are for extraordinary service. LET HER TALK EVAN- it's getting really old you talking over her. She's being polite letting you have your say in this video- especially after you cut all her comments out when you were listing things you didn't like about Sweden. Also- "not a ceiling in the US" says the white male lol

  12. Also i would further add Sweden is the size of one of our states. You can't compare it to here. You can't model this country after Sweden when we have 50 different versions of our country.

  13. Most of those homeless people are drug addicts. They did it to themselves. Just remember…..animals in the zoo have free medical, free food, free shelter, its all guaranteed and they are in a cage controlled. But the free animals, have nothing guaranteed to them except what they go and get. Thats the beauty of America. I get it. Freedom is a huge responsibility and scary to some. I love it though. I'm the free lion that is full with meat. Meat that I killed myself with out any help from the zoo keeper. God bless America.

  14. I have a question for anyone not from America. When you're at work and everything is done does the boss expect you to find something to continually be busy? By that I mean in America it is frowned upon to sit while on your shift minus office jobs.

  15. Im answearing Evans question about the 6th reason, howewer peaople get lazy or not becouse of the swedish safety net.

    I'd say no to that one.
    No one really wants to be in that situation, where you have to ask the goverment for help.

    There are 2 reasons:
    1. You only get just enough money to survive. Food and rent basiclly. The bare minimum.
    You can forget about all the 'night out' evenings. Dinner, theatre, hobbys or whatever you like to do on your sparetime.
    Youre in between life or death, limbo. Few peoples whould call that a life.

    2. The paperwork.
    As expected, when the goverment is giving away 'free money', theyd want you to do certain things just to make it as painfull as possible.

    – They want you to fill out all these forms, sometimes physiclly infront of a goverment employe. To prove that your acually in Sweden or in your town, and not abroad earning money that you dont pay taxes on here in Sweden

    – They sometimes force you to give them full acces to your bankaccount, to spectate your other 'incomes' (for example, if your parents/friends frequantlly sends you money.)
    But also what you are spending your cash on. The liquorstore is a no go.
    If you have a steady incomme from friends or family = no help.
    If you refuse to sign this bank proxy (fullmakt) = no help.

    (This is also the reason why the 'no cash' policy is so implemented in Sweden. The Goverment wants to control that taxes are paid. Remember, its a socialist country where everyone is supposed to do their part to help your fellowmen out of trouble.
    And some people are abussing this by not paying tax, criminals.)

    – All you belongins are valuated.
    For example, If you own a mid or highrange car, youd have to sell it for a cheaper one. In some cases they can incist that you dont even need a car, and wants you to use the public transportations.
    Refuse = no help.

    – etcetc, I can go on forever xD

    All this is to prevent people to live on the system. You will never have fun and never get rich by doing this.
    No one wants to live out of the social net system forever, its just there in case you fuck up once or twice in your life.

    Mvh, Swedish guy with some english grammar and spelling problems, but i hope i made my point understood 😀

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